Only 27 PhD’s per million South Africans


Based on 2008 figures, 34% of academics at South African
Universities have research doctorates.
“The number of students enrolling for research Master’s degrees has declined steadily since
2004, as did the number of graduates since 2005.” As the pool of potential doctoral candidates decreases, it will take a special effort to produce 6 000 graduates per year.
Council for Higher Education: “The State of Higher Education in South Africa” (2009)

phd rate

Doctoral training provides graduates with sought-after skills that are of strategic importance for academic and non academic labour markets alike. It is a synergy that opens up a future alive with creativity, possibility and prosperity.

As a result the National Research Foundation has launched a PhD Partnership Project. In the words of their CEO:

“The National Research Foundation is committed to growing a strong and representative South African workforce. This forms the basis of a knowledge-based economy that enables South Africa to compete globally. The South African PhD Project is a key driver towards our goal of achieving an innovative and entrepreneurial knowledge-based society.”
Dr Albert van Jaarsveld, President and CEO

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The National Research Foundation (NRF), as mandated by the NRF Act, No 23 of 1998, is an agency that promotes and supports research in South Africa. This mandate is fulfilled through funding and human resource development across all fields of the humanities, social and natural sciences, as well as engineering and technology