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Carla Sharpe

Founding Director

Carla Sharpe has an executive MBA from the International Space University in France and is currently working on her PhD in Economics and Space Studies at the University of Cape Town. She is passionate about space and her motivation is to positively impact lives in Africa through space technology. She is a founder of the South African Space Association and the Foundation for Space Development and currently serves on the Management team of both, as well as Women in Aerospace Africa. Carla is the African Programme Manager for the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory, that is driving Africa’s largest Science undertaking, the Square Kilometre Array Telescope.


Dr. Adriana Marais


Dr Adriana Marais is a theoretical physicist, international speaker and the Founder of Proudly Human, pioneering new frontiers in research and technology for a resilient future on Earth, Mars and beyond. She is Director at the Foundation for Space Development, a member of the South African 4th Industrial Revolution Ministerial Task Team, Faculty at the Singularity University and Duke Corporate Education, and an astronaut candidate with Mars One. Previously, Adriana was Head of Innovation at SAP Africa. She holds an MSc in quantum cryptography and a PhD in quantum biology. Her postdoctoral research focused on the origins of life. She is pursuing a second PhD in team dynamics in extreme environments at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business.

Khutšo Ngoasheng


Khutšo Ngoasheng believes that humanity is a few decades from sending its first bio-cloning robot to the nearest habitable planet. Upon its arrival a few hundred years later, this Life Plant will reproduce, incubate and support the establishment of an Earth-derived ecosystem.

When Khutšo isn’t thinking of new ways to exit Earth, he works on The Square Kilometre Array project, helping build the largest radio telescope of our generation. He has education in computing, business administration and space studies.
Khutšo lives with his family in Cape Town. If he’s not at work, you might catch him running along the Cape coast, murmuring something about ultramarathons. He thinks he’s funny and shamelessly laughs at his own jokes.

Guido Schwartz


Guido has worked during the last 10 years mainly in the Space domain. In his capacity he has realised various cooperation agreements between South African institutions and German corporates. He has a strong background in innovation, entrepreneurship and venture building. Guido has mentored startups from various industries in Africa and Europe and also supported STEM programs in Southern Africa. Also did he co-create the first aerospace startup call for Africa. He believes in the power that the global #NewSpace movement offers to Africa and its existing commercial space business models. Guido has studied in France, Germany, South Africa and the U.K. He holds an M.B.A. in Strategic Management, an M.A. in International Relations and an Engineering degree. He concentrates in his Foundation role on #NewSpace empowerment as well as aerospace venture building across Africa and the further spread of aerospace focused STEM programs for the next generations of African explorers and game changer.


Time is Running Out

Imagine a world where the things like water, food and air are rare commodities? Do you think that this world is 50 years from there… 100 years… 1000 years? Researching survival on other planets is fast becoming vital for surviving on our own.

Innovative Ideas

Forcing ourselves into surviving in hostile environments (like Mars) will inevitably spark new, out of the box ideas and inventions. Sustainability is at the heart of Space Research and thus has become vitally important to our future survival.

Advanced Technology

Faster computers are being used to build faster computers… the dawn of using AI and robots has allowed for the rapid increase in technological advancements. Change is happening faster than ever before and this is very exciting for anyone interested in technology.

Open Source Communication

In the modern world of information technology, collaboration is the key to success. Silicon Valley is a great example of more open sourced development being a huge success. Gone are the days of keeping our ideas secrets… we now work together to achieve our goals and dreams.

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